Epsilon Talent

Your ally in hiring the best talent!

Recruitment & Selection, all-in-one, Cloud Solution

The new, innovative Personnel Selection and Resume Management System is here. It digitizes and simplifies the processes of finding and recruiting the best talent!


Epsilon Talent is the all-in-one solution that essentially helps HR departments, as it gathers all the processes of finding and hiring personnel in a single application!

Holistic Approach

Epsilon Talent is an Applicant Tracking System offered as a cloud service with the guarantee of Epsilon HR the leader in HRM software. It’s a completely modern, customizable and responsive web application with dynamic content.


It is ready to go within minutes, providing a public career-site for the candidates, easy to use for recruiters, using AI and ML for text to data transformation, along  with powerful search tools and full audit of actions.

The key to success for a modern business is the human-centered philosophy. Υou can achieve your goals only if you choose the best people in the market to share your passion with.

What Epsilon Talent does as your ally​


Publishes job openings on the career site or on job sites.


Gathers applications from job sites.


Analyzes a candidate resume/CV and transforms text into data and then into information.


Detects skills and keywords, performs matching analysis between job opening and candidates


Supports scheduling of interviews, technical interviews, assessments etc.


Supports evaluation and ranks candidates.


Searches for matching candidates among those already in the database.


Connects with the Epsilon HR products seamlessly.